Top 10 UFC Greatest Champions of All Times

Top 10 UFC Greatest Champions of All Times


A champion in any type of sport has an enormous target on their back, on the other hand if you fight in UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship, the baddest and biggest men on the earth are gunning for you at all times; title shot or not. In the 15 years, 97 event history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship only 11 fighters have defended their title more than once. This list of  the best fighters have just earned their place in the history of UFC, as lots of critics as well as followers of this sport think that one is not really a champion until he has successfully defended his belt. Those which have done it more than once are categorically the cream of the crop. Here are the Greatest UFC Fighters of All Time.

The following is the name of Ultimate Fighting Championship fighters with many successful title defenses. You choose who the best of the best. When the main criteria are the amount of consecutive successful defenses; Anderson Silva is undeniably the king. On the other hand, if total number of defenses is your measuring stick, then Matt Hughes will get the nod. And when the quality of the championship’s competition is also a consideration, Silva is perhaps the best choice.

      1. Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes successfully defended his title seven times. As a matter of he is considered a UFC legend. He defended his title a total of 7 times during 2 separate stints as the Ultimate Fight Championship Welterweight Champion. During his first reign as champion, Matt Hughes defended 5 consecutive times against the likes of Frank Trigg and Gil Castillo. Matt Hughes has beaten many professionals and amazing fighters over his illustrious career, on the other hand, looking at his list of contenders it surely does not compare to Silva’s.

     2Anderson Silva

After Anderson Silva’s last defense, he is now the only record holder for consecutive title defenses in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. In spite of the unmerited criticism, Anderson Silva obtained from UFC97, still he is the Ultimate Fighting Championship Middle weight champion as well as pound for pound king. The next time someone has the guts to get into the ring with him and attempt to impose their luck on him, for sure this man will continue to control. He is an ultimate champ. His line of and the contenders he has beaten is nothing less than remarkable.

     3. Tito Ortiz

A “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” is also one of the fight UFC fighters to date. He defended his UFC for five times. Tito defended his UF Light Heavyweight title from 2000 to 2002, until Randy Couture took it away from him. And this is when Couture gave this bad boy some well-deserved physical punishment in the type of a humiliating spanking.

    4. Chuck Liddell

Popularly known as “the iceman”, Chuck Liddell is one of the most remarkable and inspiring title defense streaks.  Taking account of his win against Randy Couture, to get the title, Chuck won and defended his title with 5 consecutive knock out wins. Tito, Randy, Renato Sobral as well as Jeremy Horn all fell prey to the explosive hands of Chuck Liddell his title as champion.

    5. Pat Miletich

Pat Miletech made his official debut in Ultimate Fighting Championship at UFC16, and won the first UFC lightweight championship. In year 2001, the Ultimate Fighting Championship modified the weight class limits, developing the welterweight. At UFC17; ultimate Brazil, he defeated Mikey Burnett and turned out to be the first welterweight champion in UFC. Pat went on to protect the welterweight title 4 times before losing it to Newton Carlos by submission at UFC 31.

    6. Frank Shamrock

Termed as “The Legend” Frank was the UFC Light Heavyweight champion from the year 1997 to year 1999, until he surrendered his reign or title because of retirement. The talent this man faced was so so, on the other hand he wins in amazing and impressive fashion, all through submission, KO or TKO in the 1st round, expect for the beating Frank put on Tito that ended by strike in the 4th round.

    7.Randy Couture

Randy Couture or also known as “The Natural”, is perhaps the most admired and well-liked mixed martial artists of all time, has won the UFC heavyweight championship on 4 separate occasion. He successfully protected it a total of 3 times. Also he won the UFC light heavyweight belt 2 times, but has never successfully defended it. Despite the fact that his win-loss record might not be as stellar as a number of the Ultimate Fighting Championships other remarkable championships, to some he is the best of all time due to his achievements in 2 weight classes at a more advanced age.

The following UFC fighters have all secured their respective titles 2 times:

  • Time Sylvia
  • George St. Pierre (WW)
  • Rich Franklin (MW)
  • Andrei Arlovski (HW)

   8. Royce Gracie

Royce Gracie and the Gracie Jiu Jitsu family was also a great UFC champion. He won the UFC 1, 2, as well as 4 tournaments that were night long, weight- classless event. It was not until UFC 16 which the title as well as belt system was applied. Royce Gracie was also a skilled and remarkable mixed martial artist, who a lot of people consider one of the greatest.

   9. Ronda Rousey

Ronda is the current and the first UFC women’s bantam weight champ. The title was given to her in 2012 of December at a conference prior to UFC on Fox: Diaz vs. Henderson. She had already secured the Strikeforce bantamweight title once. She defended her reign in 2013 twice, by submission against Carmouche and over Miesha Tate with a 3rd round armbar. Once again in 2014 she defended her reign twice. The same year, she scored her first-ever technical knockout victory, a 66-second TKO against Sara mcMann a former Olympian.


   10. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

One of the most polarizing fighters ever to strap on UFC gloves, Jackson made some howl in delight of his quirky personality and
turned others off with unfiltered speech. But Jackson always had away of making his fights matter.

After a career spent mostly aboard, Jackson’s contract was acquired in late 2006, and he was fast-tracked to a title shot after knocking out Marvin Eastman.

He followed with a knockout of Chuck Liddell, winning the light-heavyweight championship in a match that had the mainstream sports and entertainment world
buzzing. That made Jackson a crossover star, but before he went to Hollywood, he managed to unify the UFC and Pride belts when he defeated Dan Henderson by decision at UFC 75.

Jackson would go on to have memorable feuds with Rashad Evansand Jon Jones, but perhaps most significant for him was his UFC 92 knockout of Wanderlei Silva.

The two had fought twice in the Pride days, with Jackson being KO’d twice. The two had never gottenalong, and the bad blood was thick as they met for the third time,
with Jackson finishing the Brazilian berserker with a perfectly placed left hook.

Jackson also holds a career win over Lyoto Machida, making it four former UFC or Pride champs he defeated during his Octagon days.


These are just some of the greatest UFC fighter of all time. Now, there are lots of talents and great fighters dominating the world of UFC sports.

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