Self defense

Why You Should Take Self-Defense Training

Have you ever wondered whether you should begin training  in self-defense ? Have you ever spent time wishing that you had some knowledge in proper self-defense techniques? Well, probably you have.  There are many reasons why you should start. So… stop thinking about it and just do  it!

Some of the reasons why anybody, regardless of age, should consider training self-defense:

  1. Builds confidence

The biggest advantage of taking self-defense lessons is building one’s self-confidence.. Self-defense lessons do not only boost your confidence when under physical attack, but also help you feel strong and self – contained. This is especially important for children who may find themselves in  potentially dangerous situations. You become more aware of your strengths , hence increasing your confidence .

  1. Increased fitness levels

Self-defense training is, in essence, learning to move your body in different ways.,. This movement is highly valuble for improving general health and promoting fitness. Self-defense will help you  keep fit, , increase muscle strength and  improve endurance levels, when done consistently.

  1. Develops self-discipline

Self-discipline is long lasting. To develop self-defense abilities, you must become self-disciplined. You will have to dedicate yourself to regular practice, in order  To improve your abilities to defend yourself effectively. Consistency is key. Therefore, showing up for the training regularly, will create a habit which will enable you to be able to better defend yourself. .

  1. Improves your street awareness

When you learn self-defense, you become more aware of your environment. That doesn’t mean  you are always in fear of   being attacked. It just means that you will be minded to dangerous situations, should they arise.  You will always feel ready for anything.

  1. Enhances focus and concentration

All types of self-defense skills are centered on heightening one’s focus,attention and senses. During self-defense training, you have to focus and concentrate to avoid being hit. This focus will also reflect in other day to day life situations.  Training helps the mind to be calm while alert, which is very helpful for effective self-defense. With enhanced concentration and focus, you can make better decisions both at home and at your workplace.

  1. Stress Buster

Training in self-defense is the ultimate stress buster. During self-defense lessons, the trainer requires you to tperform routine body and mental exercises. Like other forms of exercise, self-defense training helps in aleviating stress levels as the body movements stimulate the release of feel-good hormones in the body, which keep a person in a worry-free state for  sustained periods of time.

  1. Social skills

Self-defense training is carried out in groups. This gives the trainees the opportunity to meet new people and by so, improve their social skills. Self-defense , as in all forms of martial arts, teaches discipline, respecting other people, and being more tolerant. The development of these social skillswill bring a more positive attitude towards others.

In short, taking self-defense classes is a choice you will not regret. By so doing you do not only become more responsible for your own safety and health, but also for that of others around you.